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What am I doing with my life?
I asked my brother to channel J'Zargo for an X-Reader.
I could be sleepin', bruh.
But no.
You channel that inner sassy destruction Kajiit, bro. You do it.
I have searched and I have decided that there is a disturbing lack of Skyrim x Readers.
I must remedy this.
Specifically for making x-readers?
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    Sleuth sat across the table from Deuce with a quiet, if not analytical smile as the smaller went over what had happened to them the few nights before.

    You had hoped that maybe, just maybe getting the two of them together would make for a more interesting, more lucrative conversation. Deuce knew more than the little guy let on, as you remembered in the files you teetered around in during Christmas, and you, for a fact, knew that Sleuth knew how and where to find things.

    At first, you wanted to keep the idea to yourself. No sense in getting Slick’s feather’s ruffled in a bunch if you could chance it, but oddly enough he seemed to support the idea. You explained to him that it’d be like cross-referencing… Only without the headache and books. So far only the last part was true.

    “Annnnd then we swung for steaks!”

    “You cooked after that?” Sleuth asked as he turned to you, an inquisitive if not bemused smile plastered thick on his face. “Jesus H. Christ… What I’d give for my gal to do that.”

    You pointed a finger in Sleuth’s direction. “As much as I’d love to hear about your relationship woes… ONE; we came here for something else.” You then raised a second finger. “And TWO; I’m not anyone’s Gal.”

    “I know,” Sleuth said. “But saying; ‘ Wow-ee-gee!I wish my female companion would make me t-bone after a row,’ seems a lot more misogynistic.”

    “He does have a point,” Deuce seemed to echo quietly next to you.

    “Jesus, you two. We’re here for business,” you said, going into a grumble.

Sleuth held up both of his hands palm-out. “Fine, fine. Relax… I’ll quit stalling… We did find a few things,” he said, strumming his fingers. “It’s not much… Heck, it’s not even a hunch,” he said. “but I guess it’s something.”

    So much for not stalling.

    Sleuth sat at the edge of his both, leaning in. He placed his arms on the table and crossed them, getting comfortable, and keeping close. “We found the original blue-prints of the sewers in the local library… As reference material, so my friend had to copy it down by hand… Just to make sure we got the map good, he and another buddy of mine went in to do some snooping.”

    Call it investigator’s intuition, but the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end, and pricked from nerves. This sounded like the start of a bad-news story… You twisted your lips as you listened. From the way Sleuth talked, it didn’t seem like anyone had been captured, maybe even no one hurt… He wouldn’t have stalled if something like that happened, especially to his associates.

    “As it turns out, the sewers haven’t changed much from its original design, but there have been some additions, needless to say, so they added onto what they had copied… In one of the additions they… They found something. It right spooked them.”

    Deuce leaned in a bit more onto the table- over and slightly into his omelet. “What did they see?”

    Sleuth gave a furtive glance to the table. Contemplating if he should really say what he was about to. “… They said they found… Bodies…”

    You had to admit; that startled you. Not really because it seemed like something the Felt wouldn’t do. Infecting the water with dead bodies and massively screwing the pooch for everyone with dysentery seemed like small-time Felt material.

    “But,” he paused. “Not like… Not like PEOPLE bodies… They… I don’t know. They said there were these weird metal coffin things… With the same body in each of them…”

    Deuce made a thoughtful hum and looked to you quietly, for a reaction. He didn’t seem all too surprised to see you staring at him.

    You looked to Sleuth. “… This sounds really campy, Sleuth,” you said, sitting back a little straighter. The juicy bits were spilled. Everyone could allude to it in the third person without upsetting the general public.

    Sleuth shook his head. “Look, I know,” he said. “I even checked to make sure they hadn’t been getting imaginative with some of our reserves, you know?... Nothing. They were bone dry… One of them doesn’t take to being scared all that easy.”

    “So you trust what they say?” Deuce asked, face inquisitive, if not a little hopeless.

    “These are good men,” Sleuth sounded almost offended. “Who went to the War just like you did,” he said to Deuce. “I trust them with my life… I believe that they believe that’s what they saw… But… Yeah. The whole thing could have been something else.”

    You strummed your fingernails lightly on the table. “… So you haven’t seen it?”

    “No I haven’t…” Sleuth looked… Disappointed. He had always been one to find answers in full, and it was unlike him to come up with something like this. “They made me promise not to go down there, and so did my Gal…”

    There wasn’t much else to say. You couldn’t believe this, could you?... But at the same time Sleuth did… That meant something, you weren’t sure what, but it meant something.

    Sleuth turned around and reached into his briefcase, pulling out wet-stained, yellow pad paper that looked like it had been taped together. “This is what they came up with,” he said. “They circled where they found it… but take it or not, you have at least part of a map…” he grumbled. “And they didn’t see anyone else down there.”

    Deuce reached over to grab it gingerly and sit it on his lap. “It’s something.”

    Sleuth struggled with himself. “Sorry.”

    You forced a smile. “It wasn’t your fault,” you said. “And yeah, it’s something. Not a lot, but it is something.” How to tell Slick, though? Sleuth could see the frustration in your stare, it showed… But how would Slick react?... Badly, most likely.

    Deuce was the first to stand up from the table, and you gave him a strange look. “We can’t afford to be seen together. I’ll head back,” he said, sitting the paper next to you. “Catch you later.”

    You waved sullenly to the Midnight Crew Member and coughed awkwardly into your hands. That meant you had to wait at least a few minutes to leave… Or to finish your coffee. No point getting yelled at on an empty stomach.

    “… Hey, Uh…”

    Your eyes shot up to Sleuth. “Hm?”

    He took a deep breath, and stood up a little straighter. “Okay, now it’s time for me to get a little serious, here…” he said. “If you guys go down there… And you find… If you find that what they’re doing is true… I don’t care how- you got to stop it… And then walk away, alright?... That’s the kind of stuff they use for in the movies, and I don’t like it in real life.”

    Hah… Telling me what to do… “We can take care of ourselves,” you said to him.

    He frowned. “I mean it, Sweetheart,” he said, standing up suddenly. “A shit-storm’s a-coming, and as much as you want revenge; you have to think about where you stand. Do you REALLY want to be stuck in a storm full of shit?”

    Was he trying to be cute? Heroic? You really didn’t care… And you didn’t understand why. You felt like you should have trusted him more… Instead, all you could do is glare at him… Until you left.

    Slick’s office came faster than you thought it would… And you slammed the door-…. Well, you get the picture.

    Slick had been sitting at his desk at the time you opened the door (without knocking by the by), and by the time the door had finished getting slammed he was busy ducking to save a medal hung on the wall from the military.

    “What the SHIT?” he asked in a surprised hiss.

    You wanted to answer him, but the words wouldn’t come out of your mouth. You stormed to the chair in front of his desk and hunkered down.

    You could feel Slick watch you as you crossed your arms and huffed. “What the hell’s the matter with you?”

    Throwing a tantrum? Yes. Maybe, but Slick had thrown many in the time you two had known each other. Surely he’d empathize a bit if you were just… Tired of the shit that was flocking to you.

    “Silent, eh?”

    Still no answer. You, like a boiling cup of tea needed to simmer and cool slowly with your cap off…

    Before you knew it Slick had begun taking a few good steps to you. “Hey, party pooper. What gives?”

    Unfortunately, your cap happened to be the inquisitive man you worked with. “SO SLEUTH couldn’t find ANYTHING.”

    Slick sounded unsurprised. “Well, nah shit. It’s the Felt” he said, as if he had actually been expecting just that. “They hide their tracks well.”

    “Apparently, in trashy science fiction…” you muttered darkly.

    There had been a moment of silence. “Oh, god,” Slick finally slurred. “What the hell happened?”

    “Well, if you wanna know,” you started off, handing him the makeshift map. “They have tubes of people down there. Blue circle. Makes no sense.”

    You could feel the apprehension and disbelief in Slick’s face as he took the map from you. Opened it slightly, and set it on his desk. “You sure they weren’t drunk?” he asked, caustically.

    If only he knew
Reader x Spade Slick(ish): Like A Horror Flick

Auuuuggggh Sorry, for the INSANELY LONG wait for this guys, just... life. I discovered today that as much as I want to wait for my muse to return and give me inspiration, it's not going to come back for the MC x readers, at least not until I force it, so this chapter is a little stale. More to get the ball rolling than anything else, and make a segway into the actual arch.
...But now, this time I at least have some direction. The story does have a definite end. Somewhere.

I take tears in the tip-jar pls.

I do not own the Midnight Crew, Problem Sleuth, or Homestuck. Spades Slick, Diamonds Droog, Hearts Boxcars, Clubs Deuce, the Felt, and Problem Sleuth, are all owned by Andrew Hussie. This is a work of fanfiction, and only made for Shiggles and Gits. Please support the original comics.
Specifically for making x-readers?
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